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*What do you go by? Jessica
*How many candles on the cake? 15
*Where is your homestead? Maryland
*Men, women, or both? both
*Screen name and why is it that? dumblonde4554 and i've had it for about 5 years... made it back when i was blonde..and dumb.


*Bands? jimmie's chicken shack, incubus and greenday of course, nfg, jimmy eat world, my chemical romance, sublime, nirvana, blink 182, and so on.
*Color? orange and purple..
*Movies? Clue, Haggard, Gone with the Wind even though like ten thousand people hate it, The shining, etc.
*Books? don't read many, but stephen king books, and i just started go ask alice.
*Smell? clean laundry, the ocean, candles
*Word? there is not 1 single word that can please me.
*Person? uhhh.. i'm not so sure i have a favorite
*Item of clothing? ( that you own ) my jeans..there's nothing really special about them they're just comfy, and my pink fuzzy socks
*Item of jewelry? ( that you own ) i like my bracelet and the necklace i made over alli's house with Jess.
*Drink? grape juice is definitly great.
*Food? i guess i'm pretty fond of rice, and that's where the japanese side of me kicks in.

This or That.

*Pencil or Pen? pen.
*Incubus or Green Day? sorry alli but i think i'm leaning a little more towards incubus but greenday definitly rocks too.
*Guitar or Drums? guitar is awesome but i would rather play drums.
*Herpes or Syphillis? Syphillis, though it is a very hard choice.
*Fork, Spoon, or SPORK?! sporks are gross. so i'm going with the fork.
*Webcam or Your Mom? hmm...we'll say webcam for now.
*Day or Night? night.. it's mysterious.
*Candles or Incense? candles.
*Shrooms or Acid? shrooms i guess
*AOL or AIM? AIM. aol can go kill itself.
*Hot or Cold? Hot


*Alli or Jess and why? you can't have one without the other.
*What do you think of Tony? ( the guy on the banners ) i think tony is grand.
*What would you do if you met your favorite band EVER? i'd grasp ahold of them and never let go.
*Pick a band that you hate and explain why *IN DETAIL* simple plan, his voice makes me want to put a gun to my head.
*Tell an embarrassing story. when me and my friend were making a video with my parents camera, my shirt kinda...fell down and then the whole family watched it and...lets just say i wasn't wearing a bra and we didn't notice what happened until everyone was watching.
*Ever been to New York? yes. it was grand, but i never got to go up the empire state building.
*If you could dye your hair any color, what color? i think i liked my hair purple or blue...but the green looked horrible.
*Fuck me hard and nasty. o baby your house or mine?
*Make me laugh. if i could be a super hero i would be justice guy!
*What are you wearing? my new pair of jeans, a red tank top, and black hoodie
*What's your favorite possession? my cd's and stereo, and picture album..i couldn't choose just one.
*Ever met a band? What band? basically locals. fourth element, eleven:54, eat your neighbors, oo and my favorite..jimmie's chicken shack!
*Favorite concert EVER. i liked the HFStival 2003. it rocked.
*My pen is a pistola. incubus baby.
*My spoon is too big! comment
*Do you like Coldplay? coldplay is cool.
*Promote us somewhere and give us a link.

Opinions. ( Be detailed or die. )

*What do you think of "scene kids"? i'm not too fond of them but i don't really care all to much on the subject. everyone can be how they want, i'm not here to judge.
*What do you think of self-mutilation//suicide? i don't think it solves anything. i'm not gonna sit here and say everyone who does it sucks or anything, i wouldn't do either because i don't think that's the way to handle problems.
*What do you think of todays youth? we need to shape up. this whole sex drug thing is getting a little to out of hand.
*What do you think of racism? i tend to not like racists people. it's stupid and everyone is different and everyone looks different and just because they don't have the same color skin or come from the same place is no reason to go hating them.
*Pick one thing that means a lot to you and talk about it. i think my friends mean a lot to me because my life would be boring and not completly pointless because i still have my family, but friends play a big part in my life and being seperated from them would rip my heart in pieces.

Oh Glee. Picture Time!

*3 or more pictures of YOU and YOU ONLY.

*A picture of one or more of your friends.
 haha there's julie


 madeline and andy

 me, emma, and tushy

 john, emma, and jackie

 zoe and kaitlyn



*A picture of a family member.
 my nieces

*Got a boyfriend or girlfriend? Post a picture.
no boyfriend at the moment.

*A picture of something random.
 the fountain in my pond when it was frozen

*A picture of something funny.. and I mean fucking funny.
...i thought it was cute

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