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*What do you go by? Alanna
*How many candles on the cake? 15
*Where is your homestead? Northampton, Massachusetts
*Men, women, or both? Both but currently boys. It changes frequently. I’m say I’m bi but it’s more like I switch between lesbian and straight.
*Screen name and why is it that? My aim screen name is grOo0oO0Oo0Oovy because I am groovy. My screen name here is a joke because I thought I’d be able to change it. I was saying only hippies like lord of the rings.


*Bands? Ramones, The Clash, Groovie Ghoulies, Mindless Self Indulgence, Dropkick Murphys, Le Tigre, Rancid, The Sounds, Sex Pistols, The Raveonettes. Beck
*Color? Red, lime green, hot pink, black
*Movies? Ghost World, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Mallrats, Clerks, High Fidelity, Garden State
*Books? All the Harry Potter ones, Cat’s Cradle
*Smell? Cookies baking, my mom’s deodorant, clove cigarettes, lipstick
*Word? Groovie, anomaly
*Person? Johnny Depp or my friend Ellen.
*Item of clothing? ( that you own ) My Spiderman skirt
*Item of jewelry? ( that you own ) I don’t really where jewelry because I loose it… I guess my (fake) pearl necklace that I only wear to parties and stuff.
*Drink? Tea and strawberry daiquiris
*Food? Sushi, chocolate covered gummy bears

This or That.

*Pencil or Pen? Pen
*Incubus or Green Day? Green Day
*Guitar or Drums? My two favorite instruments, guitars sound better but drums are more fun to play. So guitar.
*Herpes or Syphilis? Syphilis
*Fork, Spoon, or SPORK?! Spork
*Webcam or Your Mom? My mom
*Day or Night? Night
*Candles or Incense? Candles
*Shrooms or Acid? Shrooms
*Hot or Cold? Hot


*Alli or Jess and why? Jess (no idea who either one is, I like the name Jess)
*What do you think of Tony? ( the guy on the banners ) nice hair
*What would you do if you met your favorite band EVER? Freak out and run away. They’re dead after all.
*Pick a band that you hate and explain why *IN DETAIL* Linkin Park. Their musical style is like nails on a black board to me and their lyrics are so yucky. I also was forced to watch their entire DVD by my friend and I was nearly physically sick.
*Tell an embarrassing story. I don’t really get embarrassed… oh I have one. It was my birthday and I’m standing in waiting for the bus. I take the public bus to school, as does half my school. So we’re all out there waiting for the bus and my dad comes up in his ambulance and sings happy birthday to me out of his loud speaker. Then my skirt fell down. Ok now I’m embarrassed.
*Ever been to New York? My favorite city on earth, yes. I’m only 4 hours away from NYC.
*If you could dye your hair any color, what color? I’ve already dyed my hair like everyone color there is to dye it. I’d say pink and blue like cotton candy because it’s like impossible to do that.
*Fuck me hard and nasty. Yes mother.
*Make me laugh.
*What are you wearing? title or description
*What's your favorite possession? My Spiderman skirt or my pink converse
*Ever met a band? What band? I met 2 skinnee jays and Patti Smith. Neither one was on my own free will. I also know two of the people in sonic youth, they’re my moms friends.
*Favorite concert EVER. I don’t like concerts.
*My pen is a pistola. boom
*My spoon is too big! kinky
*Do you like Coldplay? I only know one of their songs but it was a pretty good song.
*Promote us somewhere and give us a link.

Opinions. ( Be detailed or die. )

*What do you think of "scene kids"? they all look the same are their music is just so more elite than everyone else. Once I joined a scene community as a joke and made up all these band names… and no one said anything, that would be admitting I was more elite than them.
*What do you think of self-mutilation//suicide? They’re both terrible things and I’ve had personal problems with them that I don’t want to talk about.
*What do you think of today’s youth? Well it’s pretty broad. There’s the good ones of course but I had hell with them at public school.
*What do you think of racism? It’s just terrible and old fashioned. People need to get with the times. I think it’s less in today’s youth though, the new thing is homophobia.
*Pick one thing that means a lot to you and talk about it. Gay marriage means a lot to me. Love is love, it doesn’t matter if they’re men or women, they’re two people who are in love and making laws against them getting married is terrible and I can’t believe how society is.

Oh Glee. Picture Time!

*3 or more pictures of YOU and YOU ONLY.
title or description
title or description
title or description

*A picture of one or more of your friends.
title or description

*A picture of a family member.
title or description My “little” sister. She’s ten but she’s almost as tall as me.

*Got a boyfriend or girlfriend? Post a picture.
title or description Single.

*A picture of something random. title or description

*A picture of something funny.. and I mean fucking funny. title or description

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