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*What do you go by? Katie Cannon..no joke..people use the first AND last name
*How many candles on the cake? 17
*Where is your homestead? 'burbs of chicago
*Men, women, or both? men only, please
*Screen name and why is it that? shehabla....it is kind of a play off of "se habla"....in spanish..except with a little spanglish mixed in. I like to talk, im a girl, and i like learning spanish



the format

something corporate

saves the day



further seems forever

straylight run


old dashboard

belle and sebastian

fall out boy

man..i could go on forever.....
*Color? turquoise...i have turquoise chucks that rock the heezy fo' sheezy
*Movies? anything 80s or with molly ringwald

the Bible,

the Case for Faith,

Cry the beloved Country,

You Don't Know Me,

Walk Two Moons,

*Smell? fresh grapefruit!!!!!
*Word? iridescent
*Person? each and everyone of my friends...cant pick just 1!!!
*Item of clothing? ( that you own ) my Gap jeans....im not a "label's only" person by any means, but they are just the only jeans that fit me right.
*Item of jewelry? ( that you own ) I have this necklace that says, " Peace is the Only Battle Worth Waging ~ Camus"...im all about peace and I read the Stranger, by Camus, last year
*Drink? Fresca...man that stuff is so good
*Food? angel hair.........oh man the possibilitie

This or That.

*Pencil or Pen? Pen "I would have used a pencil but lead's just not permenent" good ol' hellogoodbye
*Incubus or Green Day? Green Day..only because my friend had this old car that only took tapes and the only good tape we could find was Green Day @ K-Mart..but i still have much love for Incubus
*Guitar or Drums? Guitar...i play acoustic...but i guess who doesnt
*Herpes or Syphillis? Well....i would have to say syphillis because my health teacher told our class sophomore year that it was the #1 STD in our area
*Fork, Spoon, or SPORK?! oh man..sporks annoy the crap out of me....spoooon
*Webcam or Your Mom? Isn't this one obvious.??? your mom
*Day or Night? Night.....adventure never happens during the day
*Candles or Incense? Candles.....insense makes me sneeze
*Shrooms or Acid? AHH what's a straight edge kid to choose??? shrooms i suppose...acid is a tad more dangerous..i think..i actually know nothing about drugs really...acid just SEEMS scarier
*Hot or Cold? HOTTT!!! I hate cold weather..thus the reason im going to college in AZ


*Alli or Jess and why? why choose one when you can have both? no..well i dont know you two too well...so we shall just have to wait and see
*What do you think of Tony? ( the guy on the banners ) hott sexx
*What would you do if you met your favorite band EVER? Umm probably not be able to speak....which is so dorky
*Pick a band that you hate and explain why *IN DETAIL* well i absolutely CANNOT STAND hoobastank..........that song is EVERYWHERE!!!! i went on vacation with my family which meant mom picked the radio station and i must have heard that song 1239812038 times. my sister is in love with it.  actually what really kills me is that people think it is "so alternative"
*Tell an embarrassing story. ok...this is really gross...i was in bio soph year and we were out side studying something .  my friend and i were walking along and she pushes me into this huge mud puddle...needless to say it was so funny i wet my pants and had to sit through 9th hour with wet pants and muddy flip flops...yeah pretty bad
*Ever been to New York? Nope...im not really an "east coast" person..but i want to make it out there someday
*If you could dye your hair any color, what color?ok this is so cliche but hot pink...very unoriginal but funn!!
*Fuck me hard and nasty. you name the time and place and i'll bring the champagne
*Make me laugh.
*What are you wearing? t-shirt....my gap jeans...my dorky glasses...and that's all..
*What's your favorite possession? my Bible or my guitar
*Ever met a band? What band? Yep Yep... the format...their tour van litterally pulled up right unfront of my friend and i...no one else knew who they were...it was awesome.. we made them laugh...ifd you like the format ill tell you about it sometime. Oh and I've met sleeping at last and the junior varsity
*Favorite concert EVER. SoCo/YellowCard/ THe Format...the crowd was CRA-Z...the music was awesome...it was for my birthday and it was just so fun.
*My pen is a pistola. well mine is a revolver
*Do you like Coldplay? only some days
*Promote us somewhere and give us a link. here you go

Opinions. ( Be detailed or die. )

*What do you think of "scene kids"? I think some of them take themselves way to seriously but most have a wicked sense of fashion
*What do you think of self-mutilation//suicide? I t is really unfortunate that in todays world it is ever present.  I really feel for kids who are in a situation that they feel is only solvable by cutting/suicide. 
*What do you think of todays youth? eh... same as yesterday's youth i suppose.  i dont think we are better or worse than generations past. 
*What do you think of racism? very defeating.....i'm not a fan of racism
*Pick one thing that means a lot to you and talk about it.

Oh Glee. Picture Time!

*3 or more pictures of YOU and YOU ONLY.

*A picture of one or more of your friends. i went to MN with my church to paint houses for native americans and we got into this HUGE paint fight......it was crazy

paint fight, yo

*A picture of a family member


this is my little sister maggie when she was 5-sh and still cute and wore pink saddle shoes...

now she is 14 and i still love even though she thinks she is wayy cooler than me.

*Got a boyfriend or girlfriend? Post a picture.


*A picture of something random.

 ok so this is kinda random...see this kid must have painted his lips 213018239 times so we could all talk pictures...he is a lil ..off...and like 7ft tall no joke


thanks guys!!!

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