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*What do you go by?  Amber or Misery, a nickname given to me by a dear friend that passed away.
*How many candles on the cake? 21 at the end of this month.
*Where is your homestead? Houston, TX, but I am not there anymore.
*Men, women, or both?Men, even though they do nothing but use me.
*Screen name and why is it that? woundsofmisery because my ex painted me a portrait and that was the name of it. No one has ever been able to capture me through art the way that he did.


*Bands? System of a Down, Sublime, Garbage, Mindless Self Indulgence, Placebo, Silverchair, Bloodhound Gang, etc.
*Color? Blue for the most part
*Movies? Requiem for a Dream, Memento, Run Lola Run, Amelie, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Kill Bill Volumes I & II, My Aqua Teen Hunger Force DVD's (all 3 seasons currently out), etc.
*Books? Authors that I like usually write many books that I like, so I will just name authors. First and foremost, Vonnegut. I also enjoy Jimmy Santiago Baca, Carole Maso, Emily White, Nietzsche, Kant, Descartes, Virgil, etc.
*Smell? Something that smells like apples or roses.
*Word? Cult. Its so ironic that the actual meaning of the word is far outweighed by the negative connotations that are attached to it.
*Person? Me. Wow that sounds conceited. I dont really trust people. Hmm. Probably at the moment, it would be my friend Bianca. We dont have to talk to communicate. Thats what I love to find in someone else.
*Item of clothing? ( that you own ) My hole-y jeans. Its nice to have some air flow in the endless heat of Texas summers.
*Item of jewelry? ( that you own ) My skull nipple rings.
*Drink? Peach Crush or Mt. Dew
*Food? Pizza. cant help it.

This or That.

*Pencil or Pen? Pencil. Things can always be erased.
*Incubus or Green Day? Thats hard. Hmm. Probably would have to say Green Day, just because their music is so versatile and easy to relate to or jam to.
*Guitar or Drums? Drums.
*Herpes or Syphillis? Love Bumps.... I mean Herpes.
*Fork, Spoon, or SPORK?! Its all about sporks.
*Webcam or Your Mom? Werd, to yer mothur
*Day or Night? Night.
*Candles or Incense? Incense.
*Shrooms or Acid? Acid.
*AOL or AIM? AIM. All the Instant Pestering priveleges without the steep prices and invasive software.
*Hot or Cold? Cold.


*Alli or Jess and why? Jess. I looked at both of the journals. I just like Jess's more because it seemed more random. I like not knowing what to expect when I read the next entry.
*What do you think of Tony? ( the guy on the banners ) Since my computer here in my classroom, for some reason that I have still yet to figure out, will not show the banners, I will just assume that he is better than me.
*What would you do if you met your favorite band EVER? Probably just share some beer with them and get to know them.
*Pick a band that you hate and explain why *IN DETAIL* Creed. Hate is a strong word, but I will say that they are probably the only band that comes close to earning that kind of emotion from me. I really liked "My own prison", but it just seems that all of their music sounds the same and says the same thing. I just cant really relate to it, and I get sick of hearing it over and over and over and over again. Ok. With arms wide open. I get it already.
*Tell an embarrassing story. I am going to a government training facility that has a little over 1500 students in it. They have business meetings every week to discuss student progress, etc. Well, I was chosen to speak at every meeting. It turned into quite the exposure, as everyone would cheer and yell and scream, and I would get pretty embarassed. Well, one time when I was doing my thing, I let out a fart. Luckily, the only people that heard/smelled it was the students that were sitting close to where I was sitting, but they made it a big thing. Thankfully, they have stopped talking about it, but it took a while. Damn. In front of 1500+ students, 100+ staff. It was so embarassing.
*Ever been to New York? I have been to visit an aunt in Buffalo.
*If you could dye your hair any color, what color? Probably black or burgundy. But I probably never will. Natural red heads are scarce.
*Fuck me hard and nasty. Duck butter nasty? (If you unfamilar with that term, you can go here http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=duck+butter&r=f)
*Make me laugh.
There was a women from Texas sitting on a plane next to a stranger. She tries to be friendly, and asks the woman next to her, "Hey, where are y'all from?"
The women replies haughtily, "From a state that knows better than to use a preposition at the end of the sentence."
The Texan woman ponders this reponse for a moment and says, "Ok. Where are y'all from, bitch!"

*What are you wearing? My uniform. sux0rs.                                                           *What's your favorite possession? My books.
*Ever met a band? What band? Well, I have met Lajon Witherspoon of Sevendust and all of Blink 182. The latter is not something I am proud of.
*Favorite concert EVER. Probably either the GodSmack concert that I went to back in like 98'ish or the Distillers/Garbage/No Doubt show. Garbage was soooo amazing.  Seeing Rancid live was amazing to.
*My pen is a pistola. A patriots weapon of choice.
*My spoon is too big! There is no spoon.
*Do you like Coldplay? The song "Yellow" haunts me much as a waking nightmare.
*Promote us somewhere and give us a link. http://www.livejournal.com/community/job_corps/17287.html

Opinions. ( Be detailed or die. )

*What do you think of "scene kids"? Kids (being the key word) that are kind of hypocritical Christians. Some Christians can believe that a good attendance record at church is going to make up for the fact that they do nothing to honor their faith. That being said, scene kids are killing my buzz at every turn. They all look alike, and say the same things to each other. Why cant they just enjoy the music, not argue about who has the most old school version of their shirts, or who has been to the most shows in the past week. They want the social status they think their actions are giving them, and in the end, they are disrespecting the music because they arent really listening.
*What do you think of self-mutilation//suicide? Cutting and suicide can be completely different and seperate, instead of cutting just being a byproduct of suicidal thoughts/tendencies. So, cutting, seperate from the actual will to end life, is a way to hurt yourself on the outside to try and kill the thing on the inside. The only way to distract yourself from the emotional pain is to inflict the physical pain. Suicide is ultimately the most selfish decision you can make. All the horrible, painful things that you go through will help you in the long run by helping you to learn valuable lessons. Someone always has it worse than you, and still cherishes every breath. Someone always cares about you enough to not want you to die.
*What do you think of todays youth? They are becoming more and more desensitized by T.V., eating disorders, magazines, and fabricated illnesses that require life-long dependency on pills and therapy. The breakdown of the traditional family system has led to a generation of apathetic rebels. Just my thoughts.
*What do you think of racism? We all bleed the same color.
*Pick one thing that means a lot to you and talk about it. I care about a lot of things. In interest of time, if there is any subject you would like to talk about, comment and I will talk about it. My mind is almost out of ideas. Its been a long day.

Oh Glee. Picture Time!

*3 or more pictures of YOU and YOU ONLY. For some reason, I cant seem to get to my pictures. I have them on a group in Yahoo called TeenageAngstBrigade. You can go to photos and the folder Misery to check them out. Or you can go to FaceTheJury.com. My username there is Not_A_Trophy.
*shakes an angry fist at stoopid computer*

*A picture of one or more of your friends.* Check out my friends on FaceTheJury.

*A picture of a family member.* *shrugs* WAIT! These are my cousins.

*Got a boyfriend or girlfriend? Post a picture.* I prefer being single.

*A picture of something random.*

*A picture of something funny.. and I mean fucking funny.*

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